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Accounting services for SMEs

If you want to run your company as profitably and tax-efficiently as possible, you need an experienced
accountant in your corner.

The team at A&Z Accountancy has been providing comprehensive accounting services to small and medium sized businesses for many years, including sole traders, partnerships, and limited companies. From taking care of the basics – such as your quarterly or yearly submissions – to providing more specialist advice on tax optimisation or industry-specific requirements, such as the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), we can tailor your accounting package to include precisely what your SME needs to grow, thrive, and remain compliant.

We provide:


Accounts and confirmation statements

We will prepare and submit full sets of accounts, abbreviated accounts, and confirmation statements where applicable.


Tax returns

This includes corporation tax returns for your business and self-assessments tax returns for self-employed members of staff.


VAT returns

We can help you stay up to date with your VAT obligations, regardless of the scheme you’re on, or how often you need to submit your numbers.


Payroll solutions

We’ll handle adding new employees, managing commission payments, and making sure your team gets paid on time, every time.


Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

Our accountants can submit CIS returns for employers and employees, and also help construction companies obtain gross status from HMRC.



Get tailored support from reliable bookkeepers who can help you maintain accurate accounts, manage reconciliations, and record payments and adjustments.

We work with:

Sole traders

One of the advantages of registering as a sole trader is that workers are only required to file and submit a self-assessment every year (plus VAT returns, if they are VAT registered). It’s a popular route for construction professionals, creatives, consultants, and entrepreneurs who don’t want to manage the paperwork and additional tax implications that come with setting up a limited liability partnership or a limited company. However, sole traders will still need to create a full set of accounts, ensure the information their self-assessment is accurate, and submit all documents ahead of HMRC’s strict deadlines. This is where A&Z Accountancy can help.

Limited liability partnerships

From a legal standpoint, it’s easy to enter into a partnership without knowing it. That’s why, if two or more people wish to start a new venture together, we always recommend outlining all roles and responsibilities within a professionally drafted partnership agreement. This is especially important as all partners need to be aware that they can be personally accountable for any debts accrued by the partnership. Under this type of company structure, all untaxed profits will be distributed to all partners, who will then need to complete their annual self-assessment to determine their tax liabilities (or call upon a team like ours to support them).

Limited companies

There are many benefits to setting up a limited company, not least that the company will be legally separate from its shareholders and directors. This means that the company can be assigned its own assets and incur its own debts – while the assets of the people involved remain protected. Limited company owners will need to incorporate their business with Companies House; submit their full statutory accounts; attend yearly meetings; and submit a corporation tax return to HMRC on an annual basis. Failure to carry out these tasks and meet the applicable deadlines will result in fines. Our accountants for SMEs can take care of all the necessary documentation for you.

What our clients say

Based in Central London, A&Z Accountancy provides highly personalised accounting and tax consulting services for UK businesses of all sizes, in all sectors.

We can also assist with R&D tax relief claims.
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